Beef & Kumara Curry

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Beef & Kumara Curry Empty Beef & Kumara Curry

Post by tweena4 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:34 am

Beef & Kumara Curry
Serves 4
1 brown onion, peeled and roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, peeled
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/3 cup Rogan Josh curry paste
500g beef chuck steak, trimmed and diced cut into 2-3cm pieces
400ml can diced tomatoes
3/4 cup beef stock
270ml can coconut cream
300g kumara (orange sweet potato), peeled and diced
1/3 cup coriander leaves, roughly chopped
Basmati rice, to serve
1. Insert Chopping Blade into Bowl. Add onion and garlic. Chop on speed 5 for 5
2. Insert Stirring Blade into the Bowl. Add oil and curry paste. Cook, with Measuring Cup
OFF, on speed 1 at 100ºC for 3 minutes. Add beef. Cook on speed 1 at 100°C for 4
minutes. Add tomatoes, stock and coconut cream. Cook, with Measuring Cup OFF, on
speed 1 at 100ºC for 10 minutes.
3. Preheat oven to 180ºC. Transfer mixture to a 10 cups heatproof casserole dish. Cover
and cook for 1&1/2 hours until beef is tender. Stir through coriander leaves and serve
with basmati rice. from recipe booklet


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