Raspberry and Lemon Curd

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Raspberry and Lemon Curd Empty Raspberry and Lemon Curd

Post by shea.egan on Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:07 am

Yesterday I attempted to make raspberry and lemon curd. This is how I made it.

130-200g frozen raspberries (I only had 130g, but would use more if I had them)
120g raw sugar
Mill speed 8/ 6sec (scrape side and do again if needed)

Add 2 eggs, 80g butter and lemon juice of 2 lemons (around 60-70g)

Cook for 8 mins 80 deg speed 3 with butterfly attachment. (to check if set dip spoon into curd and run your finger down the back, it should be think).

If not set, cook for a further 1-3 mins.

I cooked mine for a total of 11 mins. It seemed ok, but didn't set as much as I would of liked. Maybe try with an extra egg yolk?? It is still yummy!! May be nice in donuts or a scroll :-)

It was a bit seedy as well so straining the seeds out somehow would be a good idea.

Post amendments if you have any. Very Happy 

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